Exactly What Is The Bathmate Hydromax?

First of all, welcome to the site! Many men are concerned with the length and girth of their penis, and many are looking for a way to increase their penis size. A number of male enhancement products exist including penis extenders and pumps, although one that has become very popular and can be particularly effective is the Bathmate.

It is produced by DX Products LTD in the UK and since it has been available since 2010, it has become the product of choice for many men. Penile pumps have been an effective way of increasing size and overcoming erectile dysfunction for many years, but now with the innovation of using water rather than air to create a vacuum, pumps have reached a whole new level of effectiveness.

Product Basics

bathmate with boxThe Hydromax is a penis pump that is also known as a Hydropump. While the majority of standard vacuum pumps are designed to work with air, the Bathmate is different in that it is intended for use with water. The manufacturer recommends that it is used in the bath or shower on a daily basis.

It comes in several sizes allowing men to opt for the one that fits them best but still leaves room for growth. There are three colours to choose from including clear, red, and blue.

The cylinder and gator base are manufactured from medical standard materials that have been rigorously tested to show they will not adversely affect the skin, and will create a strong vacuum.

How it Works

The penis has two large chambers inside it that fill with blood to give a man an erection. These chambers, which are called Corpus cavernosum, can be exercised to increase their size and this is essentially the job the Bathmate does. The bigger the chambers become, the more blood that can fill them and the larger and stronger an erection will be. Over time and with consistent use each day, these chambers become permanently expanded which allows a larger volume of blood to enter them. There is a good explanation of how it works in this bathmate hydro pump review by a bathmate user.

how does bathmate workTo use the pump, it must first be filled with water. The penis is then inserted and the comfort pad at the base pressed against the body to create a tight seal.

A small latch at the tip of the tube is opened and as the gator base is pumped against the body, water is expelled from the end. This creates suction that draws the penis into the device and expands the blood-filled chambers.

The more you pump the stronger the vacuum becomes, and the more blood is forced into the Corpus cavernosum. The recommended time for use is around 15 minutes a day. You can also re-pump during this time to maintain a consistent vacuum. When you are finished, the latch on the tip is pressed to release the pressure and allow the penis to be withdrawn from the tube.

Benefits of Use

Like any form of exercise, continuous use of the Hydromax is required to see any permanent benefits. The manufacturer indicates that it is safe to use on a daily basis and if this is done, the results should start to become noticeable in a couple of weeks. you will see an increase in girth especially even after the first use, but these size gains are only temporary and will disappear after a couple of hours.

However, long term gains are achieveable too. Within a time period of 1 to 3 months, those regularly using the device report that the length of their penis can extend by as much as an inch and thickness can increase by 10-15%. With more blood able to fill the chambers, it can also help provide a stronger, harder erection. This is down to the increase in blood flow as well.

Pumping does often help to boost libido, as the creation of frequent strong erections each day helps with both physical and mental aspects of sexual arousal. Although this, like all the other benefits, will vary between users.

Benefits Over Air Pumps

air penis pumpUnlike many older air pumps, the gaiter base on the Bathmate self-regulates the pressure and this means that it cannot be over-pumped to create too much suction on the penis.

It is therefore a safer option than an air pump, which can create the danger of too much pressure causing a burst blood vessel or other damage.

The water also provides some lubrication and cushioning that can reduce the chances of blisters or redness when using a penis pump.