Is Female Ejaculation Real? Or A Myth?

Female ejaculation guide

As it is understood today, female ejaculation is the sudden squirting or gushing of ejaculate fluids from the vaginal area. These fluids are different from vaginal lubrication fluids.

It can occur before or during an orgasm. Female ejaculate is produced from the para-urethral glands, also called the Skene’s glands which are tiny structures that are near the female urethra. The Skene’s glands are also called the female prostate.

Female Ejaculate Fluid

Many women think that urine is being released when this happens but this is not the case. The fluids are usually clear and not like urine at all. The emitted fluid is much like male ejaculate, except it does not contain any sperm. Studies have shown that the female ejaculate fluid contains prostatic acid phosphatase, prostate-specific antigen, as well as some glucose. It is important to note that since female ejaculate comes out of the urethra, it is not unusual if a little urine comes out before the ejaculate is released.

The G-spot and Female Ejaculation

The G-spot is very important in regards to ejaculation for women. In fact, a woman’s G-spot is located practically in the same area (but on another wall) as a man’s prostate. Because the female ejaculate fluid usually occurs from G-spot stimulation, comparing the two really does make sense.

How Women Achieve Ejaculation

First of all, the woman needs to have an empty bladder to be reassured she will not leak any urine. The woman needs to be very sexually aroused and then her partner needs to find her G-spot. Clitoral stimulation is also important too. The G-spot tissue feels different from the vaginal wall tissue. It may feel raised or a bit rough. It is much easier to find when the woman is very aroused because the G-spot will swell up with blood and fluid.

Next, push on the G-spot and start to stimulate it. The woman’s partner can use two fingers or a firm sex toy that has a curved end. Some men are able to do this with their penis, but it does take some practice. Apply even pressure on the G-spot. The woman may feel like she has to urinate, but if her bladder is empty this will not happen. Keep the stimulation going because it will build-up and become a very intense sexual feeling for the woman.

It is important for the woman to be relaxed and open to the experience. It helps if the woman pushes with her pelvic floor muscles if she feels she is close because this will help to push the female ejaculate out. Female ejaculation can happen right before a woman’s orgasm or during it. Once the woman begins to ejaculate, the clear fluid could sprinkle or squirt from her urethra.

Female squirting or ejaculating can be messy so it is a good idea to keep a towel next to the bed. Some women have been known to ejaculate up to several teaspoons of fluid while others can ejaculate up to a half a cup of fluid. An important point to keep in mind is that women may have to practice more than once to achieve female ejaculation. So it is essential that there is no pressure for this to occur the first time a couple tries to make it happen.

Can All Women Achieve This?

There are no conclusive studies that prove all women can achieve female squirting or ejaculation. A few studies have shown that it is not very common. Some women can experience it quite often, while others only experience it once. The important point for women to realize is, that ejaculation is not unusual or strange at all.

How To Finger A Girl And Make Her Orgasm

Fingering a girlMost men these days are quite selfish when it comes to sex! As long as they get their own orgasm they are usually happy, even if their partner isn’t. It’s rare for men to really engage in sex and aim to please their female partners. It would be a great thing if more men figured out how to finger a girl in a way she would enjoy. This would result in a much more intimate and loving relationship. Plus, knowing how to finger her will definitely add more excitement to your sex life.

The thing is that fingering can be a challenge, especially for men who don’t have that much experience. Well, here are a few pointers that should help you on your way to becoming a fingering master!

Tips On How To Finger A Girl Correctly

Any man who knows how to use his fingers to pleasure a girl is at a massive advantage to other guys. It’s like the Holy Grail of sex. Everyone knows that most women take a long time to reach genuine orgasm. They need proper stimulation so that they can become aroused enough to reach sexual satisfaction. So, what is the first step?


Tell your partner to drink plenty of fluids before you have sex. This will help make sure she will be very wet when you touch her. It helps her to replenish her prostatic fluid as well, which is similar to seminal fluid. However, she should not drink too much or she will end up having the urge to urinate.

A towel over the sheets would help catch the fluids if she squirts when she climaxes. Also, set the mood, lower the lighting, play some smooth music, and get her ready to enjoy it.

Take Time To Relax

Relaxing will take the pressure off the sexual act. Activities that calm both your nerves will help you both engage in each other more intensely. This is one of the basics of foreplay. Kiss her, touch her, tell her how beautiful she is and how much to want to please her. Her mind needs to be at ease and she needs to feel like she can totally trust you and let herself go.

Give Her A Clitoral Orgasm First

You should stimulate her clitoris to give her an orgasm using either your fingers or your tongue. If you use your fingers, make sure she is very wet before you start or use some lube. The first orgasm will help her get ready for you to enter her with your fingers. The reason why she will be squirting later on is because of the longer and stronger orgasms that she will have. This is a tip that’s usually overlooked in learning how to finger a girl successfully.

Stimulate Her G Spot

Stimulate her more by inserting your index finger or into her vagina and finding her G-spot. The G-spot is a slight bump on her vaginal wall about three inches inside her. You will be able to find it with your fingers once she is aroused. It’s walnut sized and has a different texture than the rest of the vagina.

You should use a backward and forward motion with your finger over this area. Press fairly hard and increase the speed as she gets into it and is enjoying herself.

Stimulate Her U-spot

You can miss this step out if you want to. Sometimes finding and touching the G-spot is hard enough to do the first time. You can always add this sexy move in another time. The U-spot is the bump on the upper portion of the vagina. If you massage this area together with the G-spot it will make her even more sexually aroused and ready for an incredible orgasm. Maybe even multiple orgasms!

When She Is Close To Coming

When she feels like she needs to pee, she is close to cumming. It’s not pee that she’s going to release but her sexual fluids. When she releases, it may squirt out and there could be a lot of it, that’s why you needed the towel! But some girls, especially if they haven’t been fingered like this before, may only release a small amount of ejaculate. That’s fine….you can always try again tomorrow night.

Hopefully these tips help you give your girl a great night and lead to a more fulfilling sex life for you both. It takes patience and practice when learning how to finger. Just take your time to learn well and you’ll be fine.